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02 September 2012 @ 11:03 pm
Trouble Maker
Trouble Maker (Jang HyunSeung & HyunA)

I have to say, I can't stop watching this video. There's something about it that just makes it awesome. Also, everytime I actually sit down and start writing this review, I'm distracted by HyunSeung's sparkly shoes. Even his loafers are have sequins on them.

Let's get my negativity out of the way, first. There's not a lot, I swear. First and foremost, how was HyunSeung allowed to touch HyunA like that and not get banned? "Bbeogigayo" is damaging to the national psyche, but HyunSeung can touch HyunA's crotch and she can grind all over him? What kind of sense does this make? I'm not saying I don't absolutely love the dance, because I do, but Korea has a few issues in the music judgement area. MOVING ON!

This is probably one of my favorite dances of all time. They move so well together, both in the video and on stage. I think my favorite part of this dance is this:

HyunSeung's solo dance was pretty hot, too. I'm still trying to decide if he's "well-endowed" or if it's just the pants.

HyunA is flexible!

The sets are absolutely amazing. Though rooftop dancing is a relatively common occurance in Korean music videos, I didn't feel like it was boring or overused here. I really liked the all white sets, as well. White seems to fit everything, and even though HyunA's dress was also all white, she didn't blend into the background. Very nice, CUBE. Very nice.

We have to talk about some English. Just a little chat...maybe about verbs...and why Asians in general never use them in songs. As far as I know, in both Korean and Japanese, when spoken, sentences can be formed with just a verb. So my question is: Why do Asians leave the verbs out? Case in point: "I'm never never never stop." And he says it twice! HyunSeung...please tell me you know better. "I am never stop" does not make sense. Not in any language.

I don't think this could get any better...unless HyunSeung pulled an Oreo out of his pocket and shared it with HyunA...no hands. Just fuck her, already! (Actually...I don't doubt that he already has...)

The beat of this song has me hooked. I absolutely love it. It's catchy! *dances*

Overall: FANFUCKINGTASTIC! I want more from them. <3
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30 August 2012 @ 03:44 pm

Be Ma GirlCollapse )
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15 April 2012 @ 09:23 pm

Pledis Entertainment

Beginning with this review, I'm going to categorize each subject I talk about...because I usually go off on a rant. XD

First off...I don't have a bias. I just don't. This group is full of awesome members. Second...chairs. Moar, prz.

"How You Say"

English plays a major roll in Korean pop music. In this case, the English is used very well. At first, I thought, "'Click the like it?' Really? How does that even make sense?!" So...I looked it up. In the lyrics, along with the Korean, it makes perfect sense. "I won’t make fun of you in the end – hey wassup loser. At your status, I’ll just click the 'like it.'" Not only "Click the like it," but also, "Hey, wassup loser" makes sense as well. Well done, NU'EST. Well done. The English also sounds really amazing, even coming from the members that aren't native speakers. "Click the like it" and "Hey wassup loser" are both parts sung by MinHyun. "Showmanship" and "Friendship" come from JR. The other little bits here and there, such as "stupid" and "jackpot," "so what," and "can't stop" sound pretty fucking cool, too.

On a side note, I'll probably cry if I have to listen to another group with Americans that has shitty English lyrics *coughcoughUkisscough*

Let's fast forward to the end of the song. "This is a story about a dwarf and giant, but it’s gonna end just like David and Goliath." Clever, clever, NU'EST! The little guy is definitely going to win, here! "Keep up with my pace, if you can. Don't lag Wile E. Coyote, 'cause I'm Road Runner, fast!" Okay. And halt. WTF? I have no problem with the English. It makes perfect sense, grammatically. The issue I have is the same issue I have with the lyrics of "0330" by U-KISS. Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner references belong in a song just about as much as math does. Sorry, NU'EST. I'm gonna have to dock you on that one. I get it. I do. The underdog wins. If it were anyone but Aron (the American) singing that part, I'd have to smite a ho.

"I wanna dance dance dance d-dance!"

Oh my goodness, oh my soul (hands in the air if you get the reference). The dance blew me away. I looooooove it. It's so different. Not only is it not completely mainstream, they also change it up every time they sing the chorus. I like how the violence in the song is portrayed in the dance. MinHyun shoving Ren down on the ground, JR shoving the asshole against the lockers, the four against MinHyun...it was all so very well done. The footwork had me, though. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Ren dance across the floor in bright pink shoes. I'm still trying to learn this dance. <3

"This is a story"

I really like the overall theme these lyrics present. It's not your typical teenage boy band song *coughcoughTeenTopcough*. The lyrics describe a situation that occurs more often than not in school. This kid is getting bullied, but he tries to stand up for himself. "Sometimes being too courageous is a problem." So he's walking right into the danger, as presented in the video. He walks right into the group of bullies. "Shout out, shout out to ask for someone to save you." So NU'EST is trying to give advice to him--"Hey, you're gonna get hurt - Move, you're gonna get hurt"--, but it doesn't seem like he's taking it. "If not, from now on, watch closely." Sort of like "See what happens, idiot." "You always find out that it hurts after you shatter," or as Pledis puts it in the English text version of the MV "It has come to this for you to understand." Either way, this kid is stupid, and "That's why you only amount to that."

"Why did I turn on this love show?"

The video, as I've previously discussed, portrays the lyrics very well. The violence is realistic, the colors match the theme, and overall, it's very well put together. Good job, Pledis. I think my favorite part is when they get all close and personal, and Ren says, "So what!" I enjoyed that...probably more that I should. Also...the part where they just kinda sit there while this kid is getting the shit beat out of him. Yep. Loved it.

One final note: Aron...Your skirt is awesome. Hwaiting, little American man. Hwaiting.
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26 March 2012 @ 07:22 pm

Miss A
Bad Girl Good Girl
JYP Ent.

Where to begin with this one? Lyrics, maybe? The song is about judgement, overall. "You don't know me, so shut up, boy!" Basically, "Shut your mouth before you get to know me." It's a great theme, epecially for young women dealing with identity issues. It gets a little confusing later on, though. I'm not sure whether they're trying to get with the guy or get the guy to leave them alone. "You praise the dance, but as soon as it's over, you criticize." (?)

I LOVE the bad girl sassy attitude of this video. The opening scene where Jia knocks the books out of the guy's hands and Min steps on them was FANTASTIC! The dance also fits very well with the sass of the song. I absolutely adore girls that can stand up for themselves.

How the hell did these girls get away with wearing these outfits? If GD & TOP can't get away with saying "Ppeogigayo," then how in the world did they get off with showing any type of skin?! With how this dance is, you'd think it would have been banned from the broadcasting stations, as well. Skimpily dressed girl rolling around on the floor vs. a slang term for "Knock out/super awesome..." Come on. We all know it's true. I don't mean anything bad by this, of course, but it shows how unfair this judgement system is.

This dance...Oh how glorious. No matter what I think about the judgement system, this dance is full of awesome and win. It's full of attitude, and I'm a bit of a whore for the dancing on the floor. Like I said in the Supa Luv review, "And then we get to the dancing on the floor...I think I have a bias for this." It just seems like so much fun. In fact, it is a lot of fun. I do this dance a lot...in the park...at night. LOL (ask Hiro. I call her all the time. XD). AND DAMN! MIN CAN DO SOME SPLITS.

I really have no qualms about this video. It's incredibly unique in all aspects. The English makes sense. The attitude is maintained throughout the song. There is not one scene where the girls did not look absolutely fantastic. I can't stress it enough that I LOVE this song.

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One. Cheating. I don't condone it. Not one fucking bit.

Two. U-KISS called...they want their set back.

So...Let's get to the video. I really like the style the boys have in this one. It's clean, and it's cute without being too cute *coughcoughboyfriendcough*.

The concept of this whole song/video is pretty much ChunJi being a dirtbag. He's cheating on his younger, prettier girlfriend with a noona that, in my opinion, doesn't really suit him. So...He tells this girl, "Don't wear perfume. My girlfriend will find out if you do. Don't wear glitter. It shouldn't get on my clothes." So...in essence...The obvious shit that a girl would use to find out if her man is cheating on her, he's telling this older bitch, "Hey. Don't fucking do that, or we can't be together."

BUT! This bitch pretty much says, "Fuck you. I do what I want." To solve this issue...You buy two identical perfumes? Really, ChunJi? Got a Navy term for ya, buddy. Shitbag.

"When I'm with you, I feel like a real man." Is this because you're treating your younger girl like shit? "Noona, you're my noona, but if you like me, if you really do, don't say anything. Just do as I say, do it like that." Demanding much? "If you wanted me, you'd do what I want you to do."

"Noona's body is so so sexy." Ummm...if that's what they wanna call it these days...>_> Sorry. Not concerned about noona, right now. These boys just made this dance move look sexy as fuck. <333333333

Overall...I really enjoy this dance. I do. It's very relevant to the song, and I love to dance to it when I have free time. XD.

Dirtbag ChunJi? You ain't grown yet, boy! Get yo out da club! *YoungSaeng joke...take it as is...* Leave the noona alone. She's a gold digger. She wants your money...when she can take it from you...because at this point, I don't think ChunJi was even legal, yet. >_<

ChunJi...get off the phone with DongHo, give U-KISS their set back, and leave noona alone. Take your pretty girlfriend out on a date, or something.
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23 February 2012 @ 10:09 pm
Starship Entertainment

Boyfriend...oh dear...Boyfriend.

To begin...I'd just like to quote a wonderful friend-You know who you are, bish. ILU-"It's only like 15 seconds in and I'm already scared...I feel like...they planning on killing me...lol. I personally did not find them adorable, they look like they're plotting to kill you in the beginning. lol. Like...Korean male version of Stepford Wifes...all creepy and shit. lol" Though a little harsh, I can see where she's coming from.

Sugar flakes covered in maple syrup. That's the only explanation for this. Let's get into it.

They start off with a fantastic stage. All white with unique outfits...but then...It flips to a gardening shed with super adorable paint and tile floor? I don't even know. The outfits are cute, though, and they still maintain the uniqueness. So far, not so bad, Boyfriend.


"OH NO! It's her birthday!? WHAT!?" WHY SO FUCKING CUTE?!

On another note...I really like the dancing through the chorus...but...it's still SUPER SUGAR COATED.

Wait...waaaaaaaaaaaaaait...swing him between your legs one more time! And then right back to sweetly adorable...

*knock knock* And a noona opens the door to six sweetly adorable boys...Why would you not find that creepy and suspicious?

*sigh* Okay...Let me just...breathe for a second...

1. Too fucking cute.
2. What?!
3. ...no further comments...

Boyfriend...I haven't watched anything else from them, so I won't be very good at judging them as a group...but...Were they one of those groups that started off all cute and cuddly, then turned into a "bad boy" group? Because they really need to be...
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20 February 2012 @ 09:43 pm
Forbidden Love
Avex Trax

I'll just say this, right now. I'm not a big fan of this song. I'm an avid U-Kiss fan, but this...I was slightly disappointed. So...Let's get into it, shall we?

I'll give them this...It was very unique. I'm pleased with how well they did with being defferent to other Japanese songs that Hallyu groups release.

A powerful entrance. With the sirens and the KiSeop and the flashy lights...I was entranced...for the first 20 seconds.

Honestly, I think the Japanese in this song is a little annoying. It's very "stop and go." It flowed through Kevin's part, but after that, it was very...how to describe it...Sticky? Like when you step in gum, and you keep walking, but your shoe keeps catching on the ground. Parts of the song also remind me of "Tick Tack," which may or may not be their intention, seeing as they're both coming out on the same album. It is also being released as a single, so I'm not exactly sure if they want it to be viewed as a connection to the songs on "A Shared Dream."

Auto-tune...Let's have a chit-chat about auto-tune...

"Auto-Tune is an audio processor created by Antares Audio Technologies, which uses proprietary software to alter pitch in vocal and instrumental performances. It was originally intended to disguise off-key inaccuracies, allowing vocal tracks to be perfectly tuned despite originally being slightly off-key.

The processor slightly blends pitches to the nearest true semitone (to the exact pitch of the nearest tone in traditional equal temperament). Auto-Tune can also be used as an effect to distort the human voice when pitch is raised or lowered significantly. The overall effect to the discerning ear can be described as hearing the voice leap from note to note stepwise, like a synthesizer." From the Wikipedia page...which may not be the best reference, but the definition isn't the issure here.

PUT THE PITCH MODIFIER DOWN AND BACK AWAY! Every member of U-Kiss has a beautiful voice, and they need to be heard, not just seen. It's not just this song, either. Tick Tack was mostly auto-tune. If you're going to do it, do it in moderation and creatively. Nuff said?

I don't like doing it this way, but I can't really think of a better way to put this...List time!

Things I liked! :D
~KiSeop...KISEOP HAS LINES FOR REALZIEZ! And he's sexy~~! Nice job, KiSeop. As the main dancer for this group, you've proved that you not only have a very powerful body, but a very nice voice. It's higher than I thought it was. <3 Delicious and awesome.
~The dancing. I would love to learn this dance. Give me some time, and I'll have it down. XD I really like the footwork...and the pelvic thrusts.
~The beat. I want this instrumental...like...Right the fuck now. I'm usually not a fan of the instrumentals of anything...but this is...wow...Fanfuckingtastic.
~The outfits! <3 CREATIVE! Pretty colors...*entranced* Beautiful. I also like the contrast of the white and black and the red.
~The cage-looking background thingie...I don't even know what to call it...BUT IT'S SO COOL!
~AJ's fluffy hair in the black outfit. See further comments below.
~Hoooooooooooon! WHAAAAAT. I liked Hoon, here. I...liked...Hoon...I'll discuss later, if you so wish.

Things I didn't like so much...:(
~Stop and go Japanese...as previously discussed.
~Despite the cage thingie looking cool, the set really looks...cheap...
~The rap...Fast, yes, but...It just doesn't sound right. Something is off about it. I don't know. I just didn't like it. I JUST DIDN'T. Deal.
~Where was DongHo? KiSeop comes in, and DongHo just kind of...disappears? He was there, but...not?
~AJ's hair in the white suit. Does anybody else see Kevin's old hair there? (http://www.asianpopcorn.com/battle_images/Kevin_Woo_U_KISS__29062010173537.jpg) And because I just love this...(http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l2i5hmJIwQ1qbjiaoo1_500.jpg)
~What the hell were they doing with that life ring on the bed?! O_o
~The spiky thingie...what is that? Plastic? It's just kind of there...It was kind of scary. I thought it was going to fall on them. XD

Overall, they've been doing well in Japan, I guess, so...I can't complain too much. I was just disappointed that I actually didn't like a U-Kiss song. XD
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11 February 2012 @ 04:06 pm
Here goes! The first review is up! Teen Top's "Supa Luv!"

Supa Luv - Teen Top
Produced by Shin Hyuk

First things first, I suppose...Tiny coffee cup? Eye-catching. I love it. I like the idea of the members going on missions...like Supa Heroes...or something. XD It's a very enticing concept.

The colors and lights and stage caught my eye immediately. The lights flashing and changing color behind the boys just held my attention while the shape of said lights kept me focused on the group as a whole, rather than just one member (Niel <3). The colors were all drawn together. A basic thing, but it's really annoying when a video doesn't have the color concept the agrees with itself...if that makes any sense. Not only do the outfits match, but also the background...and the pretty lights. The reflective dance floor only adds to the "drawn together" aspect of the video.

On the other hand, the next concept is a bright one. It hurt my eyes the first time. Ha. Anyway >_>...Chunji has some skills! The roll was awesome. I'm not gonna lie...I burst out laughing. However...he's not labled "Power voice" for no reason. Damn. Boy can sing!

For a "Dancing Boy," ChangJo has a great voice. It's smooth, and I was thoroughly surprised at how deep it is! He's the maknae! His voice isn't supposed to be deep! XD When I first saw ChangJo, I instantly thought of SooHyun of U-KISS. Not only in looks, but his voice is a little similar, as well. The thing is...SooHyun is 22. ChangJo is only 16. He's an amazing little boy. <3

I absolutely LOVE this dance. They've got me doing this in the car, flying down the freeway at 90 mph. Crazy. It's simple, but it looks so cool!

I love the contrast in the second part of the video, as well as the "matrix dance."

And then we get to the dancing on the floor...I think I have a bias for this. I loved it in "Bad Girl Good Girl" by Miss A, and I love it here. It looks like the boys really enjoy the music, the way they bob their heads, and I realize that it is part of the dance, but to me, it just seems like they really enjoy it.

Although I'm not a big fan of C.A.P., his rapping never ceases to amaze me. "Like a hurricane." Fuck yeah. Excuse my language. XD

L.Joe. Nuff said. Kid is a TEASE. "Your love plus my love: supa luv. You know you want it. How that sound?" It sounds fantastic. Fucking tease. Haha. I joke, I joke. XD

All in all, the song is just fantastic. Even if Niel made that epic mistake live. XD
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08 February 2012 @ 10:35 pm
So...I've decided to start a K-Pop/J-Pop review...sort of...more of an opinion. :D I have one (or several), and I'd like to voice it. If you'd like to see a song or video of the K-Pop or J-Pop variety, let me know! I'd love to do it for you. I promise I'll give the group/video/song a fair chance, so have no fears/qualms/bitchs/moans/gripes!

This will probably start soon, but seeing as I need to be up in almost 6 hours, it's not going to happen. <3 Sorry, loves.

Leave your comments here for requests...or if you really just wanna be my friend...or if you just want to introduce yourself.


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